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In an age of thousands of television channels, endless devices, and ultra-modern video games, it’s easy for children to stay inside and be immobile. It’s undoubtedly important for you as a parent to get your kids moving and involved in social activity. At KidsUnited in Woodbridge, we offer the ideal solution for you. We’re your convenient destination for a youth soccer development program in Rahway, NJ! Our facility is a short drive away, and we feature soccer programs that offer countless benefits for your child.

Why Youth Soccer Programs?

The best way to pry your children away from all those games and devices…and let’s face it, video games are a lot better than when we were kids…is to offer them a truly fun physical activity. In our age appropriate soccer programs, we teach children all sorts of skills…and we do it in a way that kids love.

We start with an age 1.5-3.5 program, where we teach balance, orientation in space, and basic motor skills. Your child will start learning the game of soccer in a small group setting, where they can be a part of a team.

Once children reach age three and a half and up until age ten, we help them learn more advanced skills, including the finer points of soccer. Children learn teamwork, discipline, goal achievement, body mastery and so much more.

With our youth soccer programs, children develop a wide range of skills that will serve them well in life too. They won’t notice it though, because they’ll be so busy making friends, getting great exercise, and having lots of fun!

KidsUnited Is Your Youth Soccer Development Program in Rahway – Start Today!

We would love to tell you more about our soccer program and the difference it makes for youth. Visit our Woodbridge facility today, or click here to join our programs online. Give your children a physical activity that they’ll love, and that helps them grow!

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