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Ages 1.5 to 3.5

KidsUnited programs are unique and important, encompassing a wide range of skills that ensures your child develops at a pace appropriate for their age. Using soccer as the main pedagogical method, we focus on developing motor skills, cognitive development, balance and orientation in space, discipline, and focus. The group setting allows children to understand the importance of teamwork, and they will make many long lasting friendships along the way!

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Ages 3.5 to 10

At these levels, the focus shifts to more technical soccer instruction. As they learn to appreciate and play the game, we implement more complex development focuses. Students learn the importance of setting and achieving goals, teamwork and discipline, and how to overcome challenges and creative thinking. The technical aspect looks to achieve body mastery, soccer coordination, and an elite understanding of how to play soccer. A synergy of both areas of focus helps to mold a self confident individual who demonstrates healthy habits from a young age. Paving the way for a more successful future!

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