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Youth Soccer Development Program in Mid-Island, NY

With children having access to devices, endless video games, and thousands of TV channels, getting into a physical activity is a real challenge. Why not offer them something that is not just fun, but teaches valuable life skills too? KidsUnited in Staten Island offers a solution…we’re your youth soccer development program in Mid-Island, NY! We offer youth soccer programs that include physical activity and real growth for your child. Our facility is just minutes away from you.

Why Try Our Youth Soccer Programs?

As a parent, you know that video games are a lot more fun than when we were kids! So the best way to involve your child in a physical activity is to make it fun for them. With the age-appropriate soccer programs at KidsUnited, children not only learn how to play soccer, they learn valuable skills and habits too. In addition, it’s lots of fun!

We start with children that are very young (age 1.5-3.5), and teach them very basic motor skills, including orientation in space and balance. In this program, young children learn in small groups, and can be part of a team. It’s a great opportunity for children to make new friends.

For children age 3.5-10, we teach more advanced soccer skills. Children learn how to succeed and overcome obstacles. They also learn self-discipline, goal setting and achievement, body mastery and much more.

In our soccer programs, children learn not just how to play and excel at the great game of soccer. They learn valuable skills and life habits that will serve them well in the world too. But they won’t notice that…they’ll be too busy getting great exercise, making friends and having a blast!

KidsUnited Is Your Youth Soccer Development Program in Mid-Island – Start Today!

Our instructors and staff will be happy to tell you more about our Mid-Island area soccer programs and the difference they make for local youth. Click here to join today, or come visit our facility in Staten Island. We’re looking forward to meeting you, and giving your child an opportunity to exercise, grow and have fun!

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