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With children having so many distractions from devices and television these days, finding a beneficial physical activity for them is a real challenge. Of course, you’re looking for your child to be mobile, and in a positive way. KidsUnited in Woodbridge has the answer for you. We’re your destination for a youth soccer development center in Carteret, NJ! Our facility is just minutes away from you, and our soccer programs help your child both to get exercise and to grow mentally and emotionally.

Age-Appropriate Youth Soccer Programs

KidsUnited includes two youth soccer programs for different age groups, that are designed for their cognitive level.

For children age 1.5 to 3.5, we start with very basic skills and movement. Using basic soccer skills, we teach young children balance, discipline and orientation in space. Young children begin their soccer instruction in a small group setting, where they be part of a team. Your child can learn to love soccer early in life, and make new friends doing it.

In our age 3.5 to age 10 program, we start children on more advanced skills. Your child will learn the finer points of the game, and how to play in a competitive setting. In this environment, your child will learn how to set and achieve goals, think creatively for solutions, and overcome obstacles. As children grow, we put new challenges in front of them, and continually expand their horizons.

With our youth soccer programs, your child can learn life habits and skills that will serve them well off the field and in the world. But most importantly, they’ll make new friends, get great exercise, and have lots of fun!

We Are Your Youth Soccer Development Center in Carteret – Start Today!

We welcome you to come visit our Woodbridge facility, meet our instructors, and see more about the difference youth soccer can make for your child. Or you can join today, using our online form here. We’d love to tell you more about KidsUnited, and the difference our programs make for kids!

Would you like to run your own show, while serving your local community? Try looking into a KidsUnited franchise! Learn more about our franchising opportunities here, and see some amazing success stories on the KidsUnited Facebook page!