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Are you looking for a way to get your child away from devices and help them exercise more? Would you like your child to have an activity that helps them grow and learn valuable skills? The game of soccer is for you! At KidsUnited, we’re your answer for a youth soccer development program in Tysons Corner, VA! Our facility is just a few minutes away in South Riding, and we can teach your child soccer skills and life skills, while having great fun!

Helping Children Grow Through The Game of Soccer

Kids learn multiple skills while in our soccer programs. On a physical level, they learn balance, orientation in space, and basic coordination. But more importantly, they improve their mental capacity too. Children learn about being part of a team, self-discipline, and setting and achieving goals. Our programs are age appropriate, and we help children to grow at their own pace. As children meet their goals and improve, we bring along new challenges for them to grow.

In the KidsUnited program, your child will gain valuable experience that will serve him or her well in all aspects of life. From playing soccer, kids learn the excitement of overcoming physical and mental challenges. They also move their bodies and get needed exercise, away from phones and TVs and endless distractions. They’ll make new friends, and most of all, they’ll have a blast!

Our team of instructors love to work with children. As your child progresses in the program, we will keep you updated on their success and growth. We create a friendly atmosphere with small groups, and we make learning the game of soccer fun. With our youth soccer program, our goal is to help children learn how to play soccer, but also to teach useful life skills.

We Are Your Youth Soccer Development Program in Tysons Corner – Start Today.

Interested in finding out more about our soccer program? We’d love to meet with you and tell you more about the benefits of youth soccer. Visit our South Riding facility, or join our program using this form. Your child will love playing soccer in the KidsUnited program, and you’ll love seeing your child grow and gain confidence!

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