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At KidsUnited, our youth soccer development program in South Plainfield, NJ, we teach children life skills, soccer skills, and more. We offer a South Plainfield youth soccer development program that helps your child grow in multiple ways. Our great staff works to help children become healthier, active, and self-confident young people.

We offer two programs for specific stages of your child’s growth. We design each program to focus on certain stages of development, while helping your child’s emotional well-being. Most of all, each program will teach your child the love of soccer, and all of its health benefits!

Age 1.5-3.5:

We’ve designed our Age 1.5-3.5 program for this early stage in your child’s development. In this program we focus on balance, orientation, motor skills and cognitive development. We also help your child learn discipline and focus. Your child will start making friends, learning about teamwork, and improve their overall coordination.

Age 3.5-10:

At this point, after your child begins to learn about the great game of soccer, we shift the focus! With the Age 3.5-10 program, we teach your child about setting and achieving goals. We help children overcome obstacles, and learn creative thinking skills. Your child will learn body mastery and improved focus, while gaining an elite understanding of the game.

We’ve carefully designed both programs to help your child learn at their own pace. With each soccer game and practice, your child will learn self-confidence and well-being. They’ll learn important skills that will help them both in sports and in life. Best of all, they’ll be playing and having fun the whole time!

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