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Youth Soccer Development Center in Rochelle Park, NJ

If you’re a parent that wants your child to have a physical activity that gets them away from video devices and gives them exercise, as well as helping them learn genuine life skills, contact KidsUnited in Fair Lawn. We are your new destination for a youth soccer development center in Rochelle Park, NJ! Our Fair Lawn location is just minutes away, and we’ll help your child learn how to set and achieve goals, overcome challenges and much more, all while having great fun!

KidsUnited of Fair Lawn offers two age-appropriate programs that help children develop strong mindsets and social skills while enjoying the great game of soccer. With our Age 1.5.-3.5 program, we start children off teaching them orientation in space, basic motor skills, and balance. In this program, kids also learn basic teamwork. Once children enter the Age 3.5-10 program, they start to learn more advanced soccer skills, as well as how to work together towards goals, discipline and body mastery, and creative thinking.

With our youth soccer development programs, your child can get an elite understanding of the game of soccer and how to excel at it. But more importantly, your child will learn self-confidence, how to be part of a team and face challenges, and social skills that will serve them well as they grow older.

Try Out Our Rochelle Park Area Youth Soccer Development Program!

At KidsUnited, our mission is about more than teaching soccer. It’s about helping children become a better version of themselves and learn habits that help them throughout their lives. Interested in trying it out? Click here today to join our youth soccer development center in Rochelle Park! We’re looking forward to meeting you and your child, and helping them grow through soccer…and have a blast doing it!

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