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With all of the devices, streaming videos, games and more to distract children, it’s a challenge for parents to find a suitable physical activity for kids. You obviously want to help your child get some exercise, but you’d like it to be a positive experience too. At KidsUnited, we have the solution for you. We’re your destination for a youth soccer development program in Reston, VA! We’re a short distance away in South Riding, and we feature soccer programs that will help your child grow both on and off the field.

Age Appropriate Youth Soccer Programs

At KidsUnited, we offer two programs for developing children, designed to help them at all stages of learning the game.

In our age 1.5-3.5 program, we teach very basic starting skills. Though soccer, we teach motor skills, balance, orientation in space, cognitive development and discipline. Your child will start in a small group setting, where they learn to be part of a team. It’s a great opportunity for a child to make lasting friendships, and grow an early love for the game of soccer.

In the age 3.5-10 program, we teach more advanced soccer instruction. Kids learn to play and appreciate the game on a higher level. They learn about setting and achieving goals, teamwork, creative thinking, and overcoming challenges. As they improve, we set new goals and challenges for them, and teach them an elite understanding of the game.

With both programs, your child has an opportunity to learn valuable life habits that will serve them well in other areas of life. Most of all, they’ll get great exercise, make new friends, and have lots of fun!

KidsUnited Is Your Youth Soccer Development Program in Reston – Visit Us Today!

Take the short trip to our South Riding facility, and see for yourself what makes our youth soccer programs special. Or you can join today, using our online form here! We’re looking forward to meeting with you, and telling you more about the difference playing soccer can make for your child!

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