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KidsUnited offers your child the ability to learn life skills, soccer skills, and more, through our youth soccer development program in Old Place Staten Island, NY. We are an Old Place Staten Island youth soccer development program based near you. Our mission with each child is to teach them valuable life skills, while having fun doing it.

We work with children from ages 1.5 to 10, and we teach them all about the game of soccer. More importantly, we teach them life skills at various stages of development. KidsUnited offers two programs, for both very young children and developing children. We’ve designed both programs to provide soccer lessons that suit your child’s age and level of growth.

Age 1.5-3.5 Program:

Our early toddler and youth program focuses on basics. We teach your child balance, orientation, motor skills and cognitive development. As children grow in this program, we teach discipline and focus. From the beginning, your child will learn about teamwork and make friends along the way.

Age 3.5-10 Program:

Once your child has learned the basics, at age 3.5 we can move them into our advanced program. In this stage, your child learns about setting and achieving goals. They will learn how to overcome challenges. They will use creative thinking to succeed. In addition to body mastery and coordination, your child will gain an elite understanding of the game.

We have designed both programs to help your child with social skills, self-confidence, and emotional well-being. Your child will learn skills that will benefit them both on and off the field. They’ll learn how to succeed and make friends, and best of all, they’ll have fun!

Join Our Youth Soccer Development Program In Old Place Staten Island, NY !

Get started today giving your child a better future! Click here to join our Old Place Staten Island youth soccer development program. We’re looking forward to helping your child become their best selves and help them have fun playing soccer. Let’s get started today!

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