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At KidsUnited, We provide a dedicated youth soccer development center in North Brunswick, NJ, that helps children do better in life, and have fun learning new skills. Our staff of great instructors can help your child become an active, healthy, and more self-confident young person.

KidsUnited works with children ranging in age from 1.5 to 10, helping them to learn how to play the great game of soccer and benefit from the activity. We offer two programs to help your child in their current stage of development, with an age 1.5-3.5 program and an age 3.5-10 program. Both programs will teach your child soccer skills that also help to develop your child’s emotional, physical and mental well-being.

Age 1.5-3.5:

The early youth program focuses on very basic skills, including motor skills, cognitive development, and maintaining balance. Your child will learn elements of discipline and focus, as well as the importance of teamwork, while making new friendships on the field.

Age 3.5-10:

After your child has become comfortable with the basics, the Age 3.5-10 program helps your child set and work towards goals, take on and overcome challenges, and learn creative thinking skills. Kids at this level learn body control, soccer coordination, and a truly advanced understanding of the game.

In both programs, your child will not only benefit from increased confidence and mental well-being. Better yet, they’ll also learn valuable social skills that will serve them well both in sports and in life.

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