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At KidsUnited, we provide a youth soccer development center in Marlton, NJ, that is dedicated to that purpose and much more. Our instructors help children learn valuable life skills and become a better version of themselves, while making friends doing it. We do it through playing the beloved game of soccer, with programs for children aged 1.5 to 10.

About Our Youth Soccer Development Center In Marlton, NJ

Our programs are available for your child starting at the age of one and a half. At that age the program focuses on appropriate tasks for their skill level and growth. With the young children’s program, we teach balance, focus, and discipline. Your child will learn simple motor skills related to the game, and to understand being part of a team.

At the age of three and a half, we begin teaching children more advanced technical aspects. As a child gets better at the game and enjoys playing, we start teaching more complex skills. In the age three and a half to ten program, a child learns more about body mastery and coordination. They also learn a true in depth understanding of the game of soccer. With the advanced program, your child will learn about goal-setting, teamwork, and overcoming obstacles.

As you surely know, children today face a wide variety of challenges, not just in sports but in school and in life. We understand that parents are looking for opportunities to help their children grow and learn valuable life skills. KidsUnited has designed our programs to teach children the path to enjoy a successful life, and to learn habits that will always serve them well. Needless to say, soccer offers a great opportunity for exercise too!

KidsUnited offers a fun activity for your children that teaches them valuable life lessons. Click here to enroll in our Marlton youth soccer development center today!

We’re Franchising in South Jersey!

Would you like to become a franchise owner for KidsUnited? If you love to help children, and love soccer, reach out to us! A KidsUnited franchise is a great opportunity to make a positive impact while overseeing a profitable venture. Ask us about franchising opportunities here, and we welcome you to visit our Facebook page to see franchise success stories!