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Kids United in East Brunswick provides a youth soccer development program in Edison, NJ, that teaches valuable coordination and life skills to children. Through teaching the great game of soccer, we help children learn habits that will serve them for a lifetime. If you are a parent in the Edison area, no doubt you are looking for an ideal physical outlet with positive benefits for your child.

Benefits of Our Youth Soccer Development Program In Edison, NJ

At Kids United, we offer two programs for differing age levels. Our age 1.5-3.5 program focuses on basic motor skills, balance and other appropriate skills. Once a child reaches age 3.5, we move them into an age 3.5-10 program, where they learn advanced skills and coordination.

Our youth soccer programs offer a wide variety of benefits for children, such as:

Physical Fitness. While learning how to play soccer, children are running, jumping, and performing multiple types of body movement. They build strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health.

Coordination. Soccer teaches children balance and motor skills, especially in the younger child’s program. As children develop, they learn more advanced body mastery.

Social Skills. Playing soccer requires children to be part of a team, and partner with others towards a shared goal. Our programs teach children how to stay focused and overcome obstacles, as well as exhibit sportsmanship.

Self-Esteem. As children learn how to do things they thought they couldn’t do, it gives them self-confidence and self-worth. That self-confidence will serve them in all walks of life.

Kids United has designed our youth soccer programs with helping children become successful as they grow. We also help children grow to love the game of soccer, while making friends and having lots of fun!

Click here to enroll your child in our Edison youth soccer development program today. We’re looking forward to helping your child grow, and develop skills that last a lifetime.

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