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KidsUnited provides a youth soccer development center in Cherry Hill, NJ, that teaches children coordination, life skills, social skills and so much more. Through the great game of soccer, we help children to learn valuable skills that will help them throughout their lives. If you’re a Cherry Hill parent looking for a positive growth outlet for your child, try our youth soccer program!

Our Youth Soccer Development Center In Cherry Hill, NJ

We’ve divided our soccer programs into two age levels. We have an age 1.5-3.5 program for very young children, and an age 3.5-10 program for older children. We design our age appropriate programs to help children learn skills at their development level.

Both of our youth soccer programs teach children valuable lessons, including:

Physical Fitness. Playing soccer requires running, jumping, and a variety of body movements. It is a great way to help your child build strength and flexibility.

Coordination. Soccer teaches children how to effectively use balance and develop motor skills. As your child grows, we help them with more advanced coordination techniques.

Social Skills. With youth soccer, kids learn how to play with a team and work together towards a shared goal. Through soccer, children learn how to overcome obstacles, playing fairly, showing sportsmanship and more.

Self-Confidence. As children develop skills and learn how to do things they thought they couldn’t do, they learn improved self-esteem and self-worth.

At Kids United, we have created programs that teach your child all of these things and more. We also help your child grow a love for the game of soccer, make new friends, and have lots of fun!

Click here to join today and give your child a chance with our Cherry Hill youth soccer development  center. We’re looking forward to helping your child develop positive skills and habits that will last a lifetime.

Kids United is Franchising in South Jersey!

Are you interested in being an entrepreneur who makes a difference in our youth’s future and in your community? A Kids United franchise may be perfect for you! Click here to find out more about our franchising opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. Our Facebook page features some of our favorite franchise success stories!