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Do you want to give your child an activity that gets them away from TVs and devices? Would you like to help your child build confidence and life skills? Give them the gift of playing soccer! KidsUnited is your destination for a youth soccer development center in Alexandria, VA. Our new facility is very close to you in South Riding, and we offer programs for children age 1.5-10 that teach soccer skills, build confidence, and of course, offer lots of fun!

Helping Your Child Grow Through Playing Soccer

Playing the great game of soccer teaches children a wide variety of skills. They learn coordination, balance, orientation in space on a physical level. More importantly, on a mental level, they learn teamwork, discipline, and how to set and achieve goals. We offer age-appropriate programs that help children develop their skills at their own pace. As the children learn, we implement more challenging development.

Children in our program grow and learn skills and habits that set them on the path to a brighter future. They learn how to think creatively and overcome challenges. Best of all, it’s a physical activity that gets the children away from sedentary video games and devices, helps them make new friends, and have a blast playing soccer!

Our instructors love working with children, and we’ll share details of your child’s progress with you. In our classes, we offer a friendly atmosphere, small groups, and instruction that is designed to be fun. Our mission is teaching the great game of soccer, but also to help kids learn skills that will serve them well in other areas of life.

Let Us Be Your Youth Soccer Development Center in Alexandria!

We’ll be happy to tell you more about our soccer programs and the difference they can make for your child. Visit our South Riding location today, or click here to join our program. Let us be your destination for a youth soccer program in the Alexandria area…we’re looking forward to helping your child grow, and teaching them the love of soccer!

KidsUnited is franchising! Become part of a growing family that serves children in the community…see franchising success stories on our Facebook page!