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Ages 1 to 3

KidsUnited programs are important and unique. They encompasses a wide range of skills and ensures that your small child develops at the scientifically correct rate. Through ball games, group games, and more, children develop their motor skills, motor activity, sense of balance, and orientation in space. Our activities help to develop and synchronize your child’s general and visual coordination.
The program develops your child's ability to act in a group, as well as their mindfulness, memory, and concentration. Their vocabulary will expand, and they will be exposed to mathematical concepts. This happens as we perform songs and rhymes, and your child develops of a sense of rhythm; it also happens as we do activities to recognize colors and sort objects by feature, and during our other exercises.

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Ages 4 to 7

These programs are designed to teach children discipline, teamwork, diligence, responsibility, concentration, and the ability to see the goal. They'll achieve milestone on their own, giving your child self-confidence and ensuring future victories in adult life.
Programs focus on ball possession, body mastery, social coordination and social skills. These exercises are designed to develop children's intellectual abilities. More precisely, these exercises help to form new neural connections in the brain, which modern science considers the biological basis of intellect. The more a child trains his brains, the more neural connections he creates. The higher the brain activity, the more oxygen-enriched blood flow the brain receives. And the more physical activity a child does, the more effective SmartSoccer is. This formula is the basis of the formation of the child's intellectual capabilities.

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